Anti-solving systems

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More and more often, at the moment of designing the house, we are considering how best to solve the problem of the sun in the room. In modern arrangements the traditional curtains go to lamus. They are replaced by modern systems that allow not only to separate from the sun, but also to limit the warming up of the room.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the most popular and modern sunscreen system. They allow to cover up even 20m2 of surface without additional divisions. What distinguishes blinds, is the control of the sun’s rays on the room.


Sunbreaker are a highly specialized sun protection system which can also serve as a decorative part of the building . Sunbreaker can be a fixed element or a fully automated control system. Thanks to this function, it is possible to change the slope of the blades and it is also possible to partially illuminate the room.

External Screen Systems

Screen solutions – are blinds which largely limit the level of insolation of the room. They can reduce the solar radiation in the room up to 80%.

There are many screen variants – external to protect the sun, or internal – giving possibility to enclose the living area of the building.

Roof shade

The roof shade system reduces the adverse effects of sunlight in winter gardens, glass verandas and roof loungers.