Design and exclusivity

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Over the past few years we have seen huge changes in single family housing. Investors are expecting not only an individual and modern project. High thermal and acoustic parameters have also become an important element

Modern architecture with a transparent design is becoming more and more popular with demanding customers. Hence, new apartments, houses and villas are built with open living concepts and maximum incidence of light. This exclusive architectural style can be realised extremely well with design sliding systems.

Quality and innovation

KELLER minimal windows® is a virtually frameless sliding system with universally insulated aluminium frame profiles into which very large panes of glass are set.

  • The system offers all conceivable sliding variants extending up to 4-track systems and corner-post-free internal and external corners.
  • The sliding leaves can be manufactured up to a height of 4 m and with a leaf area of up to 8,5m².
  • Fixed glass fields can be built with areas of up to 12 m².
  • The slender facing width of the leaf profile is only 21 mm but still ensures high static stability.
  • The maximum leaf weight is 500 kg.
  • The extreme ease of movement of the optimised roller/rail system enables the comfortable, manual movement of large glass areas.
  • According to the individual system configuration, concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort.
  • The peripheral frame profiles can be fully installed into the wall and floor. The floor area is free of bothersome thresholds and thus barrier-free.
  • The floor profile with the integrated stainless steel rail has a smooth surface and is insensitive to dirt, easy to care for and maintenance-free
  • Innovative glass facade system Minimal Windows Highline combines fixed elements with slides door