Design and exclusivity

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Over the past few years we have seen huge changes in single family housing. Investors are expecting not only an individual and modern project. High thermal and acoustic parameters have also become an important element

Modern architecture with a transparent design is becoming more and more popular with demanding customers. Hence, new apartments, houses and villas are built with open living concepts and maximum incidence of light. This exclusive architectural style can be realised extremely well with design sliding systems.

Quality and innovation

Large design possibilities combined with high quality cause that narrow-profile sliding systems are becoming more and more popular among architects and investors.

  • narrow-profile sliding doors system in 1,2 and 3-glass versions
  • Multi-track – up to 5 tracks
  • Peripherally hidden frames, visible vertical profiles 22mm wide regardless of the glazing height
  • 0.8-1.2 W / m2K Uw factor
  • 41 dB sound insulation
  • Sliding leaf size up to 18m2, maximum height 6m, maximum weight of the sliding leaf 1000kg
  • Possibility of using door drives above 400 kg, 3500 kg pulling force
  • Compatible fixed walls forming a visual whole with mobile walls
  • Innovative facade system connecting solid elements with sliding doors
  • Profiles in the full RAL palette + anodizing in many colors
  • mosquito nets integrated with sliding doors
  • Fretless exit to the terrace with the possibility of completely hiding the bottom frame
  • Sun protection  systems in two varieties (lamella and coating)
  • Glazing available in every opening option
  • NEW – Pivot door up to 6m high
  • NEW – narrow-profile sliding door inclined at an angle of max. 21 degrees
  • NEW – guillotine sliding door