Long-term experience is the key to success

For 25 years we deal with lightweight aluminum – glass housing and our rich experience and technical knowledge give us unlimited possibilities creating new solutions in lightweight glazed partitions for public and industrial housing.

We work in a team of highly skilled managers and engineers whose qualifications and experience can provide virtually any job market. Each of our project individually correspond to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our specializations

Our service range starts with the design phase:

  • preliminary arrangements for the development of technical – trade offer task.
  • light design – the development of parts in cooperation with the project executive team copyright
  • development of technical expertise and advice of light elements.
  • the production, manufacture, transport and assembly:
    • windows, doors
    • facades in all its forms, conservatories, verandas, roofs and skylights roofs.
    • the constructions of large fixed and sliding glazing systems
    • aluminum – glass partitions made self-supporting glass.
    • the design of glass ceilings cantilevered glass balustrades glass enclosures point shafts.
    • many other architectural elements according to individual projects and orders.

Frameless sliding doors

We are one of the first companies on the Polish market which have implemented frameless sliding doors.

These system use glass as a carrier element and construction, which allows to reduce to a minimum aluminum profiles.